Broadband Internet Service

Broadband Packages

Please see our Broadband Poster for details.


How do I get Broadband?

To get connected you will first require a telephone line, please click here to find out how to organise a telephone line.

Once you have decided on a package, please download and complete our broadband application form. If you would like advice on choosing a package, please call freephone 131 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  A copy of our service agreement is appended to our broadband application form.


Data Boosters & Excess Usage

From 1st October 2017 we introduced a ‘hard stop’ where upon a customer will become disconnected at the end of the hour in which they have reached 100% of their package allowance. Though usage may show in excess of 100% at the time of disconnection, this will not be chargeable unless customers specifically request to purchase a package booster, or opt-in to overage charges. One Booster can be purchased in any month and they are available in a range of sizes and cost, charges will be applied to your account. Overage will be charged at the rate advertised for your broadband package.

To request a booster or authorise excess data charges, telephone Customer Services on freephone 131 informing our representative of your choice of data booster, or if you are opting in to excess charges.

Data boosters are available in the sizes: 1GB (£15), 3GB (£45) and 5GB (£75).

How do I monitor my data usage?

It is recommended that you check your usage regularly to ensure you stay within your package allowance. Remember your total usage includes both your upload and download MBs.  To find out how to monitor your broadband usage please click here.


How do I change my package?

To upgrade or downgrade your package please click here.


Broadband termination

After you have completed your initial 12 month contract period you can terminate your contract at any time. Click here to download a termination form.

Please note that termination of your service mid month, will result in both your monthly charge and your allocated MBs being subjected to a pro-rata calculation.

Early termination during the initial 12 month period will result in an early termination fee becoming due.


Unmetered night time window

Our broadband package customers can now enjoy the night time usage window, between midnight and 6am.  Usage during this time is unmetered and excluded from your monthly quota.
Please note that as this is a free service we cannot guarantee the quality of service and we reserve the right to implement our Fair Usage Policy, which can be found in our service agreement document. 

Please remember any usage incurred after 6am will be deducted from your package allowance, or, if you have exceeded your package allowance, excess usage will be charged at your normal package rate.

To guarantee that no usage can cross over into the chargeable period at 6am you should stop any software 10 to 15 minutes before the end of the window.

We remind customers that we do not condone the downloading of copyrighted material, for example movies or music.  We will be complying with requests from the copyright holder or their legal representatives to supply the details of the infringing user.


Reporting a fault

Faults can be reported on our freephone number 121 which is available 24 hours.

The most common source of internet faults is the customer's own computer or equipment.  Have you first tried power cycling both your router and computer and have checked the power and phone line connections?  If you are using Wi-Fi, have you tried connecting to the modem with a network cable instead?  Do you have another device you can test with, say a laptop, tablet or smart phone?  Please never press the factory reset button on the rear of your router as this clears the configuration settings and it will require reprogramming.