Wi-Fi Hotspots

In 2009 we introduced Wi-Fi Hotspots in various locations around the Islands.

Wi-Fi Card

Wi-Fi hotspots are handy for many customers:  tourists, military personnel,  Camp residents visiting Stanley who want to check their emails without going all the way home, or those wanting to do some on-line shopping whilst enjoying a cup of coffee, free from interruptions. 

How to locate a Wi-Fi Hotspot

You can easily identify our hotspot locations from our signs.   Click here to view a full list of Wi-Fi locations and retail outlets where cards can be purchased.   

Each site has a coverage radius of 50 metres to a maximum of 300 metres depending on building construction.


How to use a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Using the facility with any Wi-Fi enabled device is straight forward.


Sure Hotspot

All you need is a Wi-Fi / phone card, which can be purchased at most hotspot locations and retail outlets in Stanley and MPC. Cards are available in £5 and £10 denominations. A £5 Wi-fi / phone card will give you 50 minutes of surfing.  Once you’ve switched on your laptop or device, you simply search for the Sure Hotspot connection and enter the details on the card. 

It is important to log out when finished.  If you should lose the logout page, you can log out manually by visiting https://wifi.sure.co.fk/logout.html or by completely switching off Wi-Fi on your device and you will be logged out automatically after 5 minutes.


Sure Broadband

If you are are an existing Sure broadband subscriber, you may log onto a public Wi-Fi hotspot using your broadband account user name and password.  Simply search for the Sure Broadband connection and enter your details.


Note that you can only use a pre-paid Wi-Fi/phone card on the Sure Hotspot connection and can only use an existing Sure broadband account on the Sure Broadband connection.  Detailed instructions are displayed on the welcome page once you connect to the hotspot and open your web browser.